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Mike Robinson

Basic Physics for a new game

I’m making a simple physics system for a game I’m working on. It only needs to handle basic sphere collisions so most options are a little heavy for what I need. I might blog a bit about the code later … Continue reading

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Press Release : Introducing Krizl

Hello, This is a quick message to let you know about our latest game. Introducing the mobile puzzle game Krizl by Rekim Ltd. It’s out now on iPhone, iPad, Android and PlayBook. Krizl is a unique word puzzle where … Continue reading

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KRIZL Coming Mid October

Krizl Crosswords with a twist is on its way through the App Store review process and should be available for iPhone, iPad & Android by mid October! Keep posted by liking the FaceBook page , following @mike_robbo or keeping an eye on … Continue reading

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Introducing KRIZL

  “Crosswords with a twist” Well I’m almost done with KRIZL. A crossword game “With a twist” as I’ve decided to catchily slogan it. It’s a word game created in the amazing HAXE NME and will hopefully be rolling out … Continue reading

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Help me with my word puzzle game

Hello, if you’ve got a minute to spare and want some procrastination opportunities I’m looking for some help working through the levels of a new game. It’s a crossword game but there’s no need to work out questions, it’s all … Continue reading

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After the break wordpress text

I like to add a little description of what’s to come when clicking read more on a wordpress article and sometimes add preview images and thumbs. Here’s a simple little way of adding an after_break tag for posts that is … Continue reading

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html5 YouTube embeds for WordPress oembed

Oembed is brilliant! If you’ve got an URL, a simple call to a page and you can get back a lovely bit of JSON telling you how to embed the content. If you haven’t read up on it here is … Continue reading

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html5 canvas globalCompositeOperation browser handling

IE9 came out of beta yesterday and so I checked it out to see if the release candidate had sorted out globalCompositeOperation which could only handle source-over in beta. The good news is that it can! So we can start … Continue reading

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Gorillaz Submatronic Game

A few months ago we stuck a new game up on that I think is great! It’s built using the the box2d WCK found here that is an awesome system. It’s got a c++ alchemy version of box2d … Continue reading

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Flash Google Analytics Lite

I’ve been using Google analytics to track events and page views. It works really well and using the events for levels and play length can be extremely helpful. The big problem though is the file size. An empty swf compiled … Continue reading

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