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A fine video game company founded by Mike Robinson.

Very silly things are in the works. For updates follow @mike_robbo on twitter.

Previously Mike was Gameplay programmer on the PS4/PS3/Vita game Hohokum. He spent 9 years as Head of Technical at Zombie Flesh Eaters. Overseeing technical elements of Jamie Hewlett’s projects and the Gorillaz campaigns. Creating many of the games and systems found over at gorillaz.com, a project that won many many fine shiny awards, including a Webby and BT Digital Music award. During this time he :


c++, c#, javascript, php, html/css, actionscript, haxe

Photoshop, Final Cut, Shake, Flash


Flock is a multiplayer co-op game about the joy of flight and collecting adorable flying creatures with your friends. Soar through beautiful landscapes, seeking out rare and elusive creatures to add to your flock.
DEVELOPER: Hollow Ponds, Richard Hogg, PUBLISHER: Annapurna Interactive

Rekim provided Game Design, Programming for Creature behaviours, animation, networking, optimisations and bug fixing.

A Monster’s Expedition

A Monster’s Expedition is an adorable and relaxing open world puzzle adventure for monsters who love to learn about humans!
DEVELOPER: Draknek & Friends, PUBLISHER: Draknek

Rekim provided programming for Monsters Expedition. Covering, menus and multilanguage font setups for all the Apple Arcade languages, as well as making the Switch Port.

Over The Alps

Over The Alps is a choices-matter narrative adventure game told through interactive postcards, sent from a secret agent to their handler, in 1930s Switzerland.
DEVELOPER: Stave Studios, PUBLISHER: Stave Studios

Rekim provided gameplay programming and animation for Over the alps.

Pool Panic

Pool Panic is an unconventional billiards game with something new around every corner. It’s the world’s least realistic pool simulator!
DEVELOPER: Rekim, Angus Dick PUBLISHER: Adult Swim Games

Pool Panic

Rekim Ltd lead development and management for the Pool Panic. Creating the different platform versions in house. Pool Panic has over 100 unique levels and is out now on Steam and Switch.


Take on the role of a curious flying kite-like being and travel to colorful, curious worlds waiting to be discovered.

Rekim provided Gameplay Development for Hohokum – out now on PS3,PS4 & Vita


KRIZL – Crosswords with a twist is out now on iPhone, iPad, Android & PlayBook!

Online Game-folio

Here’s a selection of Games I’ve created with the help of the Zombie gang for concept & visuals.

  • Submatronic

    A Box2D submarine game Play
  • Tiles of the Unexpected

    An addictive multi-level tile game
  • Shooting Range

    Gorillaz shooting range game
  • Russel Says

    Russel Says take away edition
  • Pumpomatic

    Hundreds of thousands of pumpkins saved in our online creator
  • Potato Peeler

    The worlds first potato simulator!
  • 2D opperation

    Swap 2D’s healthy organs over with Murdoc’s festering insides
  • Animal Kwackers

    Generate your own taxidermy wonders!
  • Helly-Drop

    Navigate your way back up to Kong
  • Russel Says

    Online version of the symbian mobile game I oversaw
  • Dirty Harry

    A shockwave 3D dune racer, hunt down the kids in the desert
  • Darts

    Get shooting those arrows
  • Bowlatronic

    Shockwave 3D bowling game using havok physics
  • Apple Bobbing

    A custom character skeleton system was made for this game
  • Murdocs Attache

    Cram all your goods into Murdocs Attache


Here’s a selection of websites I’ve created with the help of the Zombie gang for concept & visuals.
  • gorillaz


    The home of Gorillaz
  • Monkey Journey to the west


    Set designs animate out for each page of the Opera site
  • Demon Lamp

    Demon Lamp

  • The Clash

    The Clash

    Official Clash website www.theclash.com/
  • Laz Inc

    Laz Inc

    Re design of the laz inc site with a 3D flash gallery www.lazinc.com
  • McQ


    3 different revissions of the Alexander McQueen – McQ site

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Announcing Pool Panic

We are excited to announce Pool Panic!
Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch and Steam from Adult Swim Games.

Have you ever wanted to inhabit the brain of a clueless cueball as it traverses a strange world?
Well now’s your chance in over 100 levels single player! Or you can challenge your friends to bizzare party play in 2 to 4 player local multiplayer.
Get holding your breath because it’s coming! (Don’t actually hold your breath).
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Introducing KRIZL

Keep an eye for the new Crossword Twisty game coming to iOS and Android!

html5 canvas globalCompositeOperation browser handling

IE9 came out of beta yesterday and so I checked it out to see if the release candidate had sorted out globalCompositeOperation which could only handle source-over in beta.
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Gorillaz Submatronic game

Read up on the sub physics.

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