connecting to a .htaccess passworded server without access

I wanted to do some work over christmas on a site that uses an amfphp connection to get data. Where I was going didn’t have a fixed IP so we opened the port access up and put a username and password on it using .htaccess.

This was great until I realised that I needed to authorise the connection before I could use amfphp and flash wasn’t prompting for it or allowing me to use the proxy-authorization header I needed without access to the crossdomain.xml. One easy way of sorting it is to open the swf in a browser, go to a static page that prompts the login then load the flash but this was too faffy and I wanted the debugging from flashdevelop or the flash IDE.

Anyway heres a quick bodge way of getting it temporarily working in the flash IDE and Flash Develop

In flash changing the publishing to AIR meant that it now pops up login and it all works fine. (I had to remove a few allowDomain lines out ).

In Flash Develop set the “project settings” – “Test Movie” to “play in new tab”.
I can’t remember if this prompts automatically but if not the 401 error message that appears in the output window shows the url it was trying to connect to and clicking it will prompt you for a login.

Any easy options I’ve missed?

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