Help me with my word puzzle game

Hello, if you’ve got a minute to spare and want some procrastination opportunities I’m looking for some help working through the levels of a new game.

It’s a crossword game but there’s no need to work out questions, it’s all about picking a theme and filling in a crossword sheet with words relating to it. Themes can be as loose or tight as you like and feel free to make them¬†humorous.

Fill in the crossword below and submit it to me, if you want to save your work for later or share it simply copy the share link. You can change the size on the right hand menu below.

This is a reverse dictionary page Type your category in for some suggestions.

(You can now use arrow keys to move around the grid and pressing shift toggles between horizontal and vertical )

Everyone who submits a puzzle that makes it into the game will get a credit. The game is going to be on iPad/iPhone/Android Tablets/Android 2.2 Phones.

If you think anyone would be interested please forward them on.

Thanks, Mike

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