html5 YouTube embeds for WordPress oembed

Oembed is brilliant! If you’ve got an URL, a simple call to a page and you can get back a lovely bit of JSON telling you how to embed the content. If you haven’t read up on it here is the standards page ¬†

WordPress by default requests the standard swf embed from youtube. If you want to update your template to use the iFrame html5 player, YouTube have an iframe=1 parameter you can add when sending the oembed request. You can override the existing oembed provider inside your wordpress template using the following.

wp_oembed_add_provider( '#http://(www\.)?*#i',

'', true );

I’ve added it to my functions.php in my template, you could edit the¬†class-oembed.php file directly if you wanted but any future updates will overwrite it.

Now all your clips will come through in html5 for all to see!

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