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Gorillaz Submatronic Game

A few months ago we stuck a new game up on that I think is great! It’s built using the the box2d WCK found here that is an awesome system. It’s got a c++ alchemy version of box2d … Continue reading

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Flash Google Analytics Lite

I’ve been using Google analytics to track events and page views. It works really well and using the events for levels and play length can be extremely helpful. The big problem though is the file size. An empty swf compiled … Continue reading

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connecting to a .htaccess passworded server without access

I wanted to do some work over christmas on a site that uses an amfphp connection to get data. Where I was going didn’t have a fixed IP so we opened the port access up and put a username and … Continue reading

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graphics.curveTo through point

When I was doing the rope demo a few posts down I had to use the graphics.curveTo, but get it curve through a point instead of using the point as a control. I found a function a while back that … Continue reading

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facebook style post dates

A very quick bodge function for returning a nice post time. Returns stuff like “2 seconds ago”,”23 minutes”, “about an hour”, “3 hours ago”,”yesterday at 3:00pm”,”wed at 3:00pm”, “Nov 2 at 3:00pm” Haven’t tested it much so might want a … Continue reading

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Chaos Pendulum

We saw a program that had a double pendulum called the chaos pendulum and my girlfriend said I should try and make it, so I had a quick play in quickbox2d. It was being used as an example of chaotic … Continue reading

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Quickbox2d string and balls

Right my first geeky quick flash experiment…… Skip past the text and take a look at the fun. A few games I’ve been working on at the mo have required some 2d physics so I’ve been looking at box2d again. … Continue reading

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