Announcing Pool Panic!

We are excited to announce Pool Panic!
Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch and Steam from Adult Swim Games.

Pool Panic

Have you ever wanted to inhabit the brain of a clueless cueball as it traverses a strange world?
Well now’s your chance in over 100 levels single player! Or you can challenge your friends to bizzare party play in 2 to 4 player local multiplayer.
Get holding your breath because it’s coming! (Don’t actually hold your breath).

This video should fill you in.

Keep your eyes on @rekimGames and @adultSwimGames for more info as it comes.

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Making a Sprite shader in Unity with colour applied as overlay

First post on here in years…..

I wanted to get the sprite colour in Unity to be applied using a Photoshop style overlay layer mode.

I found this page here that lists the calculations for all the Photoshop blend modes

It has a cool space background as well which is a bonus.

Anyway. With that I created a new shader using the default sprite shader and used the following in the fragment shader.

fixed4 c = SampleSpriteTexture (IN.texcoord);// * IN.color;
c.r = (step(0.5f,c.r)*(1-(1-2*(c.r-0.5))*(1-IN.color.r))) + (step(c.r,0.5f)*(2*c.r)*IN.color.r);
c.g = (step(0.5f,c.g)*(1-(1-2*(c.g-0.5))*(1-IN.color.g))) + (step(c.g,0.5f)*(2*c.g)*IN.color.g);
c.b = (step(0.5f,c.b)*(1-(1-2*(c.b-0.5))*(1-IN.color.b))) + (step(c.b,0.5f)*(2*c.b)*IN.color.b);
c.rgb *= c.a;
return c;

With that you can create a grey scale image with highlights and shadows and tint it.

overlay coloured balls


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Basic Physics for a new game

I’m making a simple physics system for a game I’m working on. It only needs to handle basic sphere collisions so most options are a little heavy for what I need. I might blog a bit about the code later once it comes together a bit more, but for now here’s a little html5 demo of where it’s at ( all balls have the same mass ).


This is Haxe NME so runs as html, flash, Android, iOS and more.

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Press Release : Introducing Krizl

This is a quick message to let you know about our latest game.

Introducing the mobile puzzle game Krizl by Rekim Ltd. It’s out now on iPhone, iPad, Android and PlayBook.

Krizl is a unique word puzzle where the player has to spin grids of letters to reveal a finished crossword. I would love for you to give it a go!

“Make your way through over 50 cunningly difficult word puzzles in 3 different modes. Beat your friends to finding the solution with the fewest moves.

Krizl is a crossword revolution! It’s crosswords with a twist!
Spin the blocks to take a puzzle from complete gibberish to a fantastic finished crossword!
Drool over the glorious hand drawn theme icons and kalimba tones!
Marvel over how you pronounce its name! ( Kri – Zal )

Sorry, my eyes are tearing up with joy just think about all this!!”

Trailer :
Press Kit ( Screen shots, icons, feature images, description ) :


Rekim Ltd is a company started by Mike Robinson, known previously for his games and other work while Head of Technical for Gorillaz.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,
Mike Robinson
Rekim Ltd

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KRIZL Coming Mid October

Krizl Crosswords with a twist is on its way through the App Store review process and should be available for iPhone, iPad & Android by mid October!

Keep posted by liking the FaceBook page , following @mike_robbo or keeping an eye on

In the meantime here’s a trailer!

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Introducing KRIZL


“Crosswords with a twist”

Well I’m almost done with KRIZL. A crossword game “With a twist” as I’ve decided to catchily slogan it. It’s a word game created in the amazing HAXE NME and will hopefully be rolling out to IOS/Android and the web in the coming weeks.

It’s in beta testing now! If you’d like to try it for Android head here and download

Twist and turn the crosswords to find the completed

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Help me with my word puzzle game

Hello, if you’ve got a minute to spare and want some procrastination opportunities I’m looking for some help working through the levels of a new game.

It’s a crossword game but there’s no need to work out questions, it’s all about picking a theme and filling in a crossword sheet with words relating to it. Themes can be as loose or tight as you like and feel free to make them humorous.

Fill in the crossword below and submit it to me, if you want to save your work for later or share it simply copy the share link. You can change the size on the right hand menu below.

This is a reverse dictionary page Type your category in for some suggestions.

(You can now use arrow keys to move around the grid and pressing shift toggles between horizontal and vertical )

Everyone who submits a puzzle that makes it into the game will get a credit. The game is going to be on iPad/iPhone/Android Tablets/Android 2.2 Phones.

If you think anyone would be interested please forward them on.

Thanks, Mike

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After the break wordpress text

I like to add a little description of what’s to come when clicking read more on a wordpress article and sometimes add preview images and thumbs. Here’s a simple little way of adding an after_break tag for posts that is ignored when on the full page.

Add the following to your template function.

function after_the_break_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) {
   if( !is_single() ){
    return $content;
    return "";
add_shortcode( 'after_break', 'after_the_break_shortcode' );

you can now enter

Click read more to check out some great photos from x
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html5 YouTube embeds for WordPress oembed

Oembed is brilliant! If you’ve got an URL, a simple call to a page and you can get back a lovely bit of JSON telling you how to embed the content. If you haven’t read up on it here is the standards page

WordPress by default requests the standard swf embed from youtube. If you want to update your template to use the iFrame html5 player, YouTube have an iframe=1 parameter you can add when sending the oembed request. You can override the existing oembed provider inside your wordpress template using the following.

wp_oembed_add_provider( '#http://(www\.)?*#i',

'', true );

I’ve added it to my functions.php in my template, you could edit the class-oembed.php file directly if you wanted but any future updates will overwrite it.

Now all your clips will come through in html5 for all to see!

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html5 canvas globalCompositeOperation browser handling

IE9 came out of beta yesterday and so I checked it out to see if the release candidate had sorted out globalCompositeOperation which could only handle source-over in beta.

The good news is that it can! So we can start using it more without work arounds!

But do all the browsers behave the same? Obviously not. I remember Microsoft saying they had left it off the beta because they didn’t think the standards were nailed down enough. I ran the mozilla canvas composite check on different browsers to see how they all handle it. Here are the results.

IE9 Release Candidate 1

IE9 Release Candidate 1

Opera 10.62

Opera 10.62

Firefox 3.613

Firefox 3.613

Chrome 9.0.597.94

Chrome 9.0.597.94

Safari 5.03

Safari 5.03

You can see that IE9, Opera and firefox(ignoring the copy) behave the same and the 2 webkit browsers Chrome and Safari behave the same.

Chrome and Safari seem to be the only ones to handle the “darker” mode and they handle “source-in”, “source-out”, “destination-in”, ”destination-atop” differently. The webkit browsers seem to handle the “Display transparency elsewhere” rule differently by leaving the destination visible in the transparent areas of the source.

Judging by the rules found on I have gone through and created a tick list of what is behaving correctly according to them.

The only ones we can trust to be the same across the main 5 are…. “source-over”,”source-atop”,”destination-over”,”destination-out”,”lighter” and “xor”

Composition IE9 Opera Firefox Chrome Safari
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